For the director and technical director of the venue

Variable acoustics have been employed for more than half a century. During the past 30 years or so, many amplified music genres such as pop and rock music have become louder and louder at bass-frequencies. It simply sounds and feels right. Flex Acoustics offers a patented solution that meets the acoustic challenge this implies.

Loudspeaker manufacturers have managed to enhance the sound quality to extremely high standards and today most venues are equipped with great sounding sound reinforcement systems. But no matter how fantastic and expensive a sound system – the overall sonic quality will be inadequate with unsatisfactory acoustics for a given genre.

The patented aQflex and aQtube technology is a result of 10 years intensive research and development with the aim of achieving perfect acoustics regardless to style of music. The systems alter the reverberation time at the push of a button at the important frequencies for music. They incorporate the bass tones but leave the high frequencies not over-dampened. They ensure an acoustically lively hall that is proven to benefit classical music genres while, when activated, bringing definition and clarity to amplified music.

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