Flexible and variable acoustics for venues

Why does Flex enhance sound quality in your venue?

Music venues are faced with the challenge of optimising the concert experience for audiences, musicians, actors, technicians etc.

Nowadays most halls present a variety of musical styles. Since it is a basic fact that different genres demand dissimilar acoustics, it is logical to turn towards variable acoustics.

Adapting the reverberation time to the type of music in a musical manner, which is achieved with the technology invented by Flex Acoustics ensures that musicians, sound engineers and most notably the audience witness an optimized listening experience at every show.

They will all want to return again and again to a venue which always offers the best sound – regardless to genre.

Other solutions for variable acoustics comprise porous absorptive materials i.e. curtains, banners etc. as well as resonating absorbers. Unlike these types, the aQflex and aQtube also absorb the crucial bass frequencies but not high frequencies which are absorbed by the audience. The reverberation of all fundamental tones of musical instruments is evenly dampened. This provides a much clearer sound for audience and musicians and marks a new era for sound quality in multi-purpose halls.

A short bass reverberation time is what makes a venue great for amplified music. This is a scientifically proven fact.