aQtube – flexible acoustic system for arenas

The patented aQtubes™ are temporarily installed, inflatable sound absorbers. They absorb also low frequencies reducing the well-known rumbling sound encountered at most amplified, indoor concerts in concert halls as well as arenas and stadiums. In fact this rumble is the most frequent reason for poor sound at concerts. In this sense the product is a game-changer in the live music industry.

Installed permanently in arenas they can adjust the sound to sports (off) and concerts (on).

  • They absorb bass and mid frequency reverberant sound for a clean, defined sounding concert.
  • They pack to virtually nothing in flight-cases since simply air enables the absorption!
  • They are CE certified and pass fire- and safety requirements worldwide.

Traditionally curtains/drapes are used to improve the acoustics temporarily. But these work quite poorly at the crucial low frequencies while over-damping the highs.

pil_tilbage-graa Case Study: Eurovision Song Contest 2014 at B&W Hallerne
pil_tilbage-graa Case Study: Kraftwerk at Neue National Galerie Berlin

Case Study: One Direction at Amsterdam Arena


  • Weight: app. 1,2 kg per running meter
  • Size: app. 1,5 m in diameter when inflated.

They may be mounted horizontally on wires stretched between trusses and raised towards the ceiling by hoists, or mounted vertically along side walls or in mid air fitted directly to a truss.The aQtubes can be customized to fit certain areas in for instance a concert hall for classical music which occasionally presents amplified music, as well as stadiums and other venues that present music. Unlike other absorption types, apart from absorbing the most important frequencies including the crucial bass, they  even work well in mid air not placed close to a surface! The technology is patented.

Especially vertical Tubes are rigged very quickly and effortlessly. They are easily inflated by either:

  • a dedicated micro-ventilator on each Tube inter-connected with low voltage cables
  • one common bigger fan interconnected with hoses between Tubes

and they can be pre-inflated before mounting.

    aQtube auralisation app (try with 700.000 m3 venue)