• aQflex™ variable acoustic system


aQflex – adjustable acoustic system for ceiling

The patented aQflex™  variable acoustic system adjusts the acoustics of a hall by the push of a button to fit the type of music being played:

  • ON  =  inflated = short reverberation time (63-1k Hz)
  • OFF = deflated = long reverberation time

It is permanently installed in the ceiling. It is CE certified and passes fire- and safety requirements worldwide. It can be retracted away from the ceiling although this is not standard.

Many halls face the challenge of providing a favourable sound experience every night even presenting very different types of music. Today most halls are actually multipurpose halls.

But various styles of music demand dissimilar acoustics. There is therefore  a need for altering the reverberation time in the hall accordingly.

The aQflex  variable acoustic system really meets this need. It has become possible by using a new, patented technology that, works equally well in the entire fundamental frequency range of musical instruments: thin, inflatable plastic membranes. As the only variable acoustic system, it also most importantly kicks in at the crucial bass frequencies.

When the system is deactivated it is invisible to the sound and should not be retracted away from the ceiling.

video  2 min video on the aQflex system

    aQflex auralisation app

The aQflex is ideal for concert halls, multipurpose halls and music education institutions – any hall where a variety of musical styles are played. It is activated within 5 min. at the push of a button.




  • Absorbers weigh app. 0,6 kg/meter
  • heighth: 115 cm
  • width when inflated: 70 cm
  • width when deflated: a couple of millimeters

If the aQflex cannot be mounted direct on the ceiling it is probably better to mount aQtubes mid-air and connect them to the aQflex system of air-ducts and controlunit etc. The reason is that the alpha of the aQflex drops especially in the 125 Hz octave band when it is away from a sound-reflective surface.