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Adjustable acoustics for auditoria

Variable bass & mid absorption products

Flex Acoustics offers three state-of-the-art products which both absorb low- and mid-frequency sound for sonically great indoor concerts:

  • evoke – variable acoustics for walls and ceiling
  • aQflex – variable acoustics for permanent installation
  • aQtube – mobile acoustics for temporary placement

The variable acoustics products are patented and based on the same basic truth: low frequency sound is extremely important in concert hall acoustics. In fact the products, when activated, control sound within the fundamental range of most music instruments: 63 Hz – 1 kHz. High frequency sound should not be overabsorbed; the audience abosrps it.

The aQflex and evoke are ideal for performing arts centres, concert halls, multipurpose halls and music education institutions – any hall where a variety of musical styles are played. It is activated within seconds by the push of a button. The aQtube can be stowed away in the venue when not in use. Temporary vertical placement on trusses at the wall or vertically on wires close to the ceiling.

The inflatable products, which are being manufactured by and supported in most of the World by Gerriets, is the proud result of years of research and development. The design is purely driven by unique acoustic performance.

They are CE certified meaning that all safety, fire and quality requirements are fulfilled to the high standards of the European market. They have also passed safety requirements of other countries. The plastic is recyclable.

The technology increases the potential of any hall; pave the way for an optimized musical experience for musicians, audience, teachers and pupils alike.