New building


In the phase of designing the interior of a coming multi-music hall the architect is left with a degree of freedom as to how the lay-out of the ceiling space will be.

The aQflex absorbers are mounted onto tracks in parallel lines and should preferably stretch in the entire length of the hall. Alternatively they can be mounted in the width direction of the hall if for instance concrete support beams are oriented in this direction.

Ventilation ducts can be placed between absorbers or mounted underneath. Fire sprinklers are mounted between absorbers. Different solutions are possible in order to comply with specific, national requirements.

Below the aQflex absorbers a sound transparent ceiling may be fitted. With black mat absorbers, and the ceiling and upper walls painted black the entire system will be more or less invisible.

Ventilation, lighting and sprinklers can be mounted to this lowered ceiling. There are many types of open ceilings for an architect to choose from. Flex Acoustics cooperates with Dampa and Moelven for exciting, beautiful suspended ceilings. A low cost alternative is for instance stage gauze.

Common for these solutions is that they are acoustically fully transparent and have close to no impact on the reverberation  in the hall.


In some cases, for instance a hall primarily for classical music, aQtube absorbers can be a choice over the aQflex. There may be hoists mounted above the ceiling on which trusses are fitted for attachment of the Tubes either horizontally in the ceiling or vertically along walls.

The fitting can be really fast and a great advantage of the technology is, that absorbers may be fitted in in the hall before the daily rehearsal of  the classical orchestra without changing the acoustics greatly, and then inflated by the push of a button making the hall ready for the rock concert in the evening.