aQflex in Danish concert hall

White aQflex

White aQflex™

Haslev “Festsalen”. Good variability is achieved: RT “off”: 1,2 s at LF and 1,5 s at MF. RT “on”: 0,8 s at LF and 0,9 s at MF. Thereby the hall is perfect for amplified music when “on” and classical genres like chamber and opera when “off”. With curtains drawn RT is 0,8 s flat 125-4k Hz. The hall is 1500 m3.

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aQflex in Danish concert hall

Haslev “Festsalen”. Good variability is achieved: RT “off”: 1,2 s at LF and 1,5 s at MF. RT “on”: 0,8 […]

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