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Flex acoustics – Variable acoustics for music venues

Flex Acoustics was founded by Niels Werner Adelman-Larsen in 2005 based on the discovery of the under certain conditions, surprisingly high sound absorption properties of inflated flexible membrane structures and the possibilities derived from these.

After many years of research and development a certifiable product became available only in 2013.

DTU Innovation, a venture fund company at the Technical University of Denmark under Seed Capital Denmark, invested in Flex Acoustics when patents were at place whereby the development of the aQflex and aQtube products  could be initiated.

SEED Capital is the largest venture fund in Denmark within the pre-seed and seed segment. SEED Capital receives its funds primarily through Vækstfonden which is funded through the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, and also through major Danish enterprises such as Carlsberg, Novo and Danfoss. Three other private investors  jumped on board later.