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> Eddy Bøgh Brixen, Akustiker bei EBB, über aQtube beim Eurovision Song Contest 2014

Tobias Berg, Tonmeister beim Eurovision Song Contest 2014: “We can thank the acoustical consultant and his recommended cocktail of molton and Flex Acoustics’ aQtubes for being able to pull-off this years’ Eurovision Song Contest in a former ship yard. I measured the venue before the transformation and must admit that I had my doubts….. But then the aQtube solution came along and performed even better than I had hoped for. I actually ended up having a blast at the show! Thanks Niels for a good cooperation.”

Jarmo Kaartinen, Technischer Leiter des Savonlinnasali Konzerthauses und Theaters in Savonlinna, Finnlad: “Here in the Savonlinnasali we need to be able to vary the acoustics since we present various types of music. Especially the low-frequency reverberation time needed to be lowered for amplified music concerts. Our hall has also been chosen as the city’s new theater, and since LF reverb was making speech intelligibility poor we needed to address especially this challenge even for rehearsals.
In 1,5 days we installed the acoustic system from Flex Acoustics, consisting of just 3 permanently placed 25 m long aQtubes. An aQflex blower and control system had been pre-assembled in a silenced flight-case and shipped to us.  I was worried that the blower, which is installed in the actual hall, would make noise in the extremely silent environment. But there is no sound at all to hear in the hall!
Neither the building owner nor the architect would have agreed if the solution was to deteriorate the interior design of the beautiful hall. The Tubes are hardly to be seen and what we see looks nice. Further, the aQtubes comply with the tight Finnish fire-regulations even in this hall, which is entirely made of wood.
All in all we are very pleased with the solution, the performance and ease of communication with Flex Acoustics.
I don’t know any other product that solves this challenge and will recommend it for any hall in need of acoustic variability”.


video  Jan Voetmann, Akustiker

video  Johan de Sousa Mestre, Akustiker

video  Jonas Svendsen, Musiker


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